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Search here for a list of residential properties to rent in Singapore. Clicking on the 'Search by area' tab below allows you to narrow your search for properties to rent by searching your desired area. Alternatively you can 'Search by budget range'.

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We have broken Singapore down into the main expat rental residential areas. Clicking the sign above will allow you to explore those main areas and sub areas in more detail. We list the areas' location, property types, leisure and entertainment facilities, city location and the proximity to schools and education & public transport facilities. Please note that SEPE has access to ALL properties for rent in Singapore.  

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Quickly narrow your search by searching 'Singapore properties to rent within a budget range'. Please note that SEPE has access to ALL properties for rent in Singapore. 

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Landed property for rent 

You can rent some of the most exclusive landed property on the market here. At SEPE, we strive to give you the best we can, and you won't be disappointed.

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Property for sale 

Expats are allowed to buy property in most condo & apartments developments in Singapore However there are some restrictions on foreigners purchasing landed property, so it's definitely a good idea to use a SEPE property agent to assist you with either buying or selling property. Maybe you're a long-term expat and have decided to buy rather than to continue paying monthly rent, maybe you are looking for investment properties to rent out so let SEPE assist you to make the right move. Please contact us with any specific requirements, as we have access to ALL properties available here for sale. 

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