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After spending weeks & weeks looking through websites and ploughing through newspapers after my arrival in Singapore and having spent hours & hours running here and there to look at single properties, I was totally lost & disillusioned… I came across SEPE through a recommendation and spoke to one of their consultants. He was extremely professional and gave me a complete insight into how the property market works here, along with all the pitfalls. He then proceeded to round up a number of viewings all together in one shot. I fell in love with one of the properties and proceeded to make an offer to secure the lease.
— Rovina & Roberto Tali (Italian)
Once we heard we were relocating to Singapore we were very excited and started to trawl the internet looking to engage an estate agent to get things going, much as we had done in the past when looking for property in London. This had always been an easy process in the UK but we were lost looking for the same sort of swift service in the Singapore market. To be honest it all just seemed so messy and we were left feeling very frustrated after our failed ventures - that was until we came across SEPE! Once we contacted an agent at SEPE we knew we had found the quality of service we were after - their insight, explanations and reassurance concerning the Singapore property market in the months leading up to the move was spot on. The service we received on our arrival was excellent. Within a matter of days we were sitting around the pool at our wonderful new condo in Bukit Timah, amazed at how quickly and easily this had all happened.

I was happy, the dog was happy and most importantly the wife was happy! Thanks SEPE.
— Stuart Mandelson (UK)
Thanks SEPE for making my relocation to Singapore a smooth and hassle-free experience.
— Steve Gibbons (UK)
I spent many days with a couple of other local agents and they couldn’t seem to find a suitable property that ticked most of my desired boxes. After engaging SEPE and spending half a day viewing about half a dozen properties, I then was able to shortlist two for which my consultant negotiated for me a good deal and I was in my new home within 3-4 days. Thanks SEPE and I will recommend you to any of my future clients that are coming to Singapore in the near future
— Robert Hill (Sydney)
Great work SEPE for assisting me in my home search in Singapore. As the first employee of new start-up company here I will definitely be recommending my fellow colleagues to you when they start to come over.
— Roger Bratby (Australian)
Fantastic professional service from SEPE from our initial contact to handing over of the keys to our new dream home, Keep up the good work!
— Steve Hendrick Anderson (Germany)
Many at times, when an Expat finds a place to live she would contact a local property agent. The likely outcome is that she gets a bad place with an overpriced apartment. To my pleasant surprise, it turns out that SEPE is really operated by Expats living in Singapore who really know what we need when we come to Singapore. I would like to specially thank Paul Williams for finding me such a nice place near city centre (Tanjong Pagar) that is really convenient to my workplace. Thank you Paul and SEPE! XOXO
— Chiara Grana (Italy)
Prior to arriving in Singapore from France with my family, I spent about 2 months liaising with my consultant about the various types of properties available which met my requirements and were within my budget. We kept in constant contact and she updated me periodically with some sample property details to give me an idea of what I could get for my budget. Upon arrival I spent about one day looking at a handful of properties. After making the offer on my first choice house, she swiftly negotiated & prepared all the relevant documents for me and I moved into to my new home within a week. Thanks SEPE!!!
— Jean Carime (France)
It is what I would call a solid 4.5 star experience. In other words, I give it a 9 out of 10. Absolutely charming chap who takes a step further to ensure that I get what want in the first place.
— Roger Branson (UK)
We contacted SEPE 2 months prior to arriving in SIngapore. With their help, me and my wife were able to check straight into our new home the moment we touched down. No frills or hiccups in the handover or whatsoever. SEPE should be your only site to go to when you are settling down in Singapore.
— Telma Bovier (Belgium)
Well done SEPE for providing a professional & efficient service to a fellow expat!
— Gary & Alison Waring (USA)